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Retail Directions April 2015
Retail Directions By Ed Smith Where are you buying products online or in stores? Traditional retail purchasing has changed dramat...
Site Development March 2015
Site Development By Ed Smith How much is my land worth? To answer this question requires an analysis of what is the “highes...
Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents March 2015
Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents By Ed Smith This article will cover a lot of possible tax deductions which you may or may n...
What is a referral worth Feb 2015
What is a referral worth? By Ed Smith To maximize success a commercial real estate agent must build a referral network of clients...
Old Customers Jan, 2015
Old Customers By Ed Smith Or perhaps past customers is more appropriate. This is a great time of year to visit them (In person i...
Cataloging Opportunities
Cataloging Opportunities By Ed Smith Each day some time should be spent prospecting business for the future. One technique is to ...
Interviewing a Tenant or Buyer
Interviewing a Tenant or Buyer By Ed Smith This needs to be done at their existing location so you may observe their current oper...
Lease verses Buy
Lease verses Buy By Ed Smith Should you client lease space or buy a building? To answer this requires several considerations, ...
Ten Ways To Build Your Business
Ten Ways to Build Your Business By Ed Smith   Canvasing - Meeting new people every day is essential to building your busi...
New NYS Advertising Regulations - Effective January 2, 2014
New NYS Advertising Regulations - Effective January 2, 2014 The New York Department of State has updated and revised their advertisi...